Customised furniture professionals

The beauty and qualities of Mariani Domus

For generations, we have wanted to satisfy the requests of each of our clients to the best of our ability, demonstrating our efficiency and availability in the face of every need, difficulty or problem.

From the first meeting to the executive, we create a path that aims to produce an ad hoc, tailor-made project, created exclusively for the client.

Our experience and professionalism are not skills that can be sold off: if you are looking for a team like ours, it is because you want the help of a professional together with quality in the materials we offer.

Our challenge is to understand a person’s needs; their philosophy of life, habits, daily routine and above all preferences. Because in addition to taking care of making an environment functional and ergonomic, we also focus on its aesthetics, so that the home can also communicate as a colour tone. We have a very extensive material library in our showroom: more than 500 samples are available for every room in the house. This allows us to customise each piece of furniture to the maximum and to always create one-of-a-kind projects. Mariani Domus is also design, vr and executive. The first concerns the complete design: from the wardrobe to the flooring up to the position of the various systems; the second concerns the creation of photorealistic renderings with variations of colours and materials according to one’s choice; while the third concerns the assembly of the furniture, which we take care of directly on site, so as to intervene in time in the event of any difficulties during installation. Our work, carried out with care, craftsmanship and quality, is not aimed at cost-effectiveness, but at providing an all-round experience of extreme care and scrupulousness in every aspect for the entire duration of the project.