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Process and execution of Mariani Domus furniture

A project is divided into several stages, all of equal importance, because if one fails or is not studied in detail, it compromises all the others.

It all starts with a direct relationship with our client, to understand his needs and to understand his taste in style (a bit like a tailor does when he is asked for a made-to-measure suit). We then proceed to technically study the distribution layout (the distribution of the furniture) and the ergonomics of the furniture, which, placed at a certain height and in a certain position, can be more comfortable and functional.

The various finishes are then matched, either by blending them with those already present in the home or by choosing new ones in the case of a complete renovation. This is where the mood board section comes in, where you can see some ideas of combinations, so that you are already directed towards one type of shade over another. Beware, this last step is one of the most complex of the process: rely on your professional, as even just matching warm finish with cold finish could compromise the whole project!

After deciding on the furniture layout and finishes, you move on to photorealistic rendering, which allows you to realistically visualise the product or flat you are designing. Finally, you come to the ordering and production phase, where you order the goods and make the final technical changes.

Then comes the execution phase, where the furniture is assembled according to the drawing. Improvisation in this field is essential, being ready to intervene instantaneously and precisely is one of the skills the fitter must possess. And in the end? We just have to wait for the customer’s opinion!

And at the end? We just have to wait for the customer’s opinion!

Design By Mariani Domus