Values and mission

Passion, virtue and exclusivity with our unique and functional furniture

We at Mariani Domus have more than one mission to accomplish.

Our company philosophy is reflected above all in our principles and objectives: the first of these is to achieve a complete ecological transition, so as to eliminate pollutants and make the environment and everything related to it cleaner.

The second is to design more and more functional furniture, as homes are being designed smaller and smaller, but the furniture remains standard and only changes aesthetically. The idea is to create a ‘space-saving’ distribution layout that conveys the same comfort as standard elements in a small house.

Another mission of ours is to advance in technology so as to maximise design and quotation times. Making projects fast, but with the same study that we would dedicate to a normal project.

And finally, our last aim is to create a path within our site where all users can perceive the passion, the creative nature and the effort put into a well-crafted piece of furniture.