Designer furniture brands: our selection

In addition to creating and designing furniture, we also resell different Brands from various companies, all of which are carefully chosen to furnish and enrich any place, come and discover them now!

Arredo3 Kitchens

It specializes in the production of modern and classic kitchens of high quality and design, and also offers special solutions for living.

Samoa Sofas and Upholstery

It has been producing sofas since 1989, adapting to the changing needs of society to create sofas that combine functionality, design, practicality and economy.

Saint Lucia Furniture

Present in the market since 1965, to date it is a leading company in the industry and offers the furniture for living, sleeping area, accessories and complements.

Archeda Bathrooms

It designs bathroom furniture that can combine design and functionality, easily adapting to contemporary home lifestyles.


Creates tables, chairs and furniture accessories for work and home, combining design and innovation.


It is a manufacturer of kitchens of excellence. It designs and manufactures unique and innovative custom kitchens.

Excò Sofa

It is one of the most important Made in Italy companies in the furniture industry and especially in upholstered furniture.


Offers many furniture solutions for children's and teen's rooms.


This is a company at the forefront of technology, design and attention to production details, guaranteed by years of experience and typical "made in Italy."

La Seggiola

Chairs, tables, side tables, convertibles, complements, outdoor furniture and more.

Tonin Casa

Its products range from tables and chairs to chairs and armchairs, beds, closets, bookcases and many other furniture solutions and accessories.


Expertise in color management and in defining shapes and patterns blends with creative collaborations of Italian and international designers and graphic designers, creating the TAPLAB brand as a benchmark of excellence in the world of wallcovering.

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