Samoa Sofas and Upholstery

For more than thirty years, it has been producing functional and designer sofas

Since 1989, SAMOA has been producing handcrafted sofas in the Treviso area, an area with strong industrialization in the upholstered furniture sector since the early 1970s. Through innovation and entrepreneurship, the company has been able to make the most of local craft skills to establish itself in the market.

After a period of knowledge refinement in terms of processing, technology and materials, SAMOA developed a sales network that expanded its customer base beyond national borders. With three modernly equipped factories, the company has distinguished itself by choosing to remain in its home territory instead of opting for relocation.

SAMOA’s mission is to produce handcrafted and designer sofas of high value at affordable prices to satisfy customers, even in areas where economic opportunities are limited. In this way, the company aims to leverage its craftsmanship skills and maintain the excellence of Made in Italy as a distinctive strength.

Mariani Domus is an official dealer of SAMOA.

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