Wall coverings

From paper to acoustic panels

Wall coverings in the home are decorative structures that cover the walls, in the case of wallpaper for aesthetic reasons, in the case of soundproofing panels also for functional reasons.

The wallpapers produced by our business partner Taplab are of the highest quality and versatility. They can be applied to any type of surface (floors, walls, wet rooms or bathrooms).

Thanks to its experience in this field, it has developed two very special and functional models: the first refers to a wallpaper that releases perfume over a long period of time, creating a room that is always welcoming and stimulating. This means that you do not have to worry about unpleasant odours, which are often present in the home.

The second is a sound-absorbing type, which allows you to reduce noise pollution, which is present outside the room where you work.

Versatility is also found in the ability to create customised wallpapers using images sent directly by the customer.

All accompanied by the professionalism and dedication of our team, who will accompany all our customers to the best choice for their needs.

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